What a great service. We can enter or transfer just some basic information of a new hire professional employee into the VOEedu.com website. Everything else is automatic. The new hire is responsible to enter accurate contact information for their previous employer/s. The information and an actual signature comes directly from the prior employer to us in real time. The employee can monitor their account online and follow up, saving us more time. One click and I can view/print the VOE form.

Karen S. – large SD in Seattle area

I like the fact that we can be a “responder” district with no charge. The form is designed to be easy to fill in with several automatic calculations when determining the number of days and hours per day to get an FTE. The written signature on a Windows or other touch screen is easy. Optionally a responding district can print our form, fill it in and send via mail or fax. It really is easier to just hit the Submit button.

George C. – medium SD in the southern CA area