Most schools/school districts compensate professional employees based upon both prior education and experience. For new hire employees, who have worked for previous employers, the current process to document past experience is based upon "pushing paper." This is labor and material intensive for both the new employer and previous employer/s. Because new hires have a "vested interest" to assure that they receive full credit on their personal salary schedule, the VOEedu system now requires employees to fully assist in the verification process.

The web site is an electronic verification service used to digitally document prior professional employment and/or experience for school districts.

Each hiring district has differing credit requirements. While most accept public school teaching, some also accept private school and/or denominational experience. Some districts also credit for prior substitute teaching, military service and/or accumulated sick leave.

School districts need a safe and secure way to document and process their custom verification of employment form efficiently. This online cloud based service, with proprietary electronic signatures - both text and cursive - and automated communication via the Internet, saves time, paper, postage, filing and processing. There are also help and demonstration formats on the home page.

As a service provider offering Member Districts unlimited use, the company charges a small annual subscription fee for Responder District employers, interested in becoming full Member Districts. There is never a charge for employees or responding school districts from across the U.S. If you are a new district, subscribe now for a 30 day free no obligation trial and become a Member District.