By subscribing to be a new Member District, you have the following services/features available:

  1. A template or customized VOE form that meets the requirements of your district.
  2. Entering a new employee into the system with basic data of the employee name, contact information and e-mail address, in just a few keystrokes (optional link to district application programs).
  3. Once submitted, the system automatically e-mails the new employee with a password and directions to enter any/all prior employers. The employee must electronically sign a release form to proceed.
  4. The new hire employee is responsible for personally contacting prior employers. The employee should inform them of the free VOE service coming shortly in an e-mail. The employee then enters the accurate VOE contact information for all prior employers (Responder District/s) into the system online and optionally monitors the processing of the form and follow up if needed with the Responder District.
  5. The Responder District VOE personnel receive an e-mail with directions and a link to the Member District VOE form including the employee release signature. The VOE officer fills out the form on screen and signs off digitally. Once submitted, all information is immediately available to the Member District online.
  6. Member Districts have a color coded tracking system of forms online. The VOE forms are stored on the cloud and are available for viewing or print out at any time.

As a service provider with unlimited use, our company charges a small annual subscription fee for new Member Districts. There is never a charge for employees or Responder Districts from all across the country. Click here or contact us as the first step to a free 30 day subscription or to request more detailed information including costs and payment.